CEO column

Dear colleagues and friends!

The history of the company OOO Poliplast Ltd. - is a part of the history of the coatings technologies development in modern Russian history. Over 25 years of work Poliplast Ltd. has made more than 50 thousand units of various process equipment for electroplating workshops and took an evolutionary path from the production of electroplating polypropylene barrels to the most advanced automatic coating line items.

proizvodstvo OOO Poliplast Ltd. CEO (General director) - Konstantinov Andrey.

Largely due to the purchasing of the large manufacturing area it becomes possible to make a new approach to full-scale production of electroplating equipment. We produce a lot of kinds of components for electroplating lines: baths (plastic, metal, a combination of two different materials), ventilation, pipes, electrical wiring, metal structures (service ladders, frames, transport routes), automatic control systems of all technological processes, filtering and pumping equipment, transporters, equipment for solutions' cooling and heating, barrels and racks, power electrical enclosure and bus lines, batch bins and spray rinsing, gearmotors and separate bell and barrel baths with drives, portable electroplating barrels.

We constantly develop our production, we are looking for new solutions to problems in the design, manufacture, installation, integrated approach to the customer. Our customer gets not only sophisticated powerful equipments, but also maintenance and consulting in postwarranty period. Therefore we offer maintenance of our equipments to prevent future repairs.

The main competitive advantages of our company are quality (which high level is confirmed by patents, licenses, ISO 9001:2015) and highly mobile staff, capable to solve the most difficult executive problems. I am sure that our company, our team and products by brand Poliplast have a great future.

I want to say a few kind words about the team, about the people whose support I constantly feel. Thank you! The company's success is our common achievement. I thank everyone who helps me in strategical planing, who represents our company outside, develops a corporate culture, chooses and trains the new employees. Thank you for your work with pleasure and in the team. Thanks to the solidarity of all the staff I can confidently say that the results we've achieved is a reason to go forward.

Sincerely, CEO, Ph.D., Honored Mechanical Engineer of the Russian Federation, Corresponding Member of the RIA, a member of the Board of Chamber of Commerce of the Pskov region, Andrey V. Konstantinov