Social responsibility

We are always there, where we're needed!

Responsibility for Poliplast Ltd. company is the faithful implementation of mutual liabilities. Responsibility is the foundation of good reputation of our company.

Poliplast Ltd. implements social-oriented policy for its staff: provides decent wages and social guarantees to employees.


Company's responsibility

Since establishment in 1991 Poliplast company performs a variety of liabilities to society:

Provides employees with decent pay and good working and rest conditions.

Manufactures high-quality and competitive products.

It works to develop the professional skills of the staff, 50% of the staff have higher education.

Observes the rules and regulations of the society, recognizes its values, and honestly does business within the framework of laws and regulations.

It ensures compliance with the terms of partnership and any other business relations, acting within the framework of the current legislation.

Actively participates in the restoration works of monuments of architecture and cultural heritage of Pskov and the Pskov region.

Introduces modern methods of cleaning industrial and domestic wastewater using the most advanced technologies.

Fulfills the requirements of GOST ISO 9001: 2015, every year periodic training of personnel is conducted by both its own specialists and by external organizations.