Продукция ООО «Полипласт» в федеральном конкурсе «100 лучших товаров России» 2017 г. 27.11.2017

Poliplast (Ltd) took part in all-Russian competition program: “100 best goods of Russia”.

On the 17-th of November participants were commemorated and winners of federal stage of competition were awarded during the competition.

This year 1 338 companies took part at the federal stage of competition, 2 091 goods were represented.

Poliplast (Ltd) was awarded with quality declaration for the equipment “Stations of sewage water treatment “KTM-BIO” and also for “Transporter for a galvanizing line (scissor type)“.

It should be noted that station of sewage water treatment “KTM-BIO” was chosen as a winner of the contest in 2017.

Beside two persons from Poliplast (Ltd) were awarded with honored sings in the field of quality:

1.                  General director of Poliplast (Ltd), Andrei Konstantinov was awarded with honored sing “For achievements in the field of quality”;

2.                  The head of quality control department of Poliplast (Ltd), Lubov Lazareva was awarded with honored sing “For excellent quality”.

Poliplast (Ltd) was awarded with honored sing in the field of quality and grateful for that high evaluation of its production and would like to thank interregional public organization “Academy of quality problems”.

ООО Полипласт приняло участие в международной выставке "ExpoCoating-2017". 09.11.2017

Poliplast (Ltd) took part in the International Exhibition ExpoCoating-2017.
From 24 to 26 of October 2017 an international specialized exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for surface treatment and coating "ExpoCoating-2017" took place in the IEC "Crocus Expo" (Moscow). Poliplast (Ltd) traditionally took part in this annual exhibition.
The exhibition allows analyze the level of development in this field, learn more about new products and company’s achievements, specificity of modern electroplating equipment.
This year representatives from European companies worked at the Poliplast’s booth: Airtec Mueku (Gmbh) Germany; Сalorplast (Gmbh) Germany; Formeco (Srl) Italy; Aquaflot (Sro) Slovakia; Merrem Plastics Group (Ltd) Estonia. Innovative technologies and exhibition models from leading European manufactures were represented for our visitors.
At the exhibition were represented some new products of Poliplast, Ltd.:

  • Cyanide dissolution plant is intended for safe preparation of cyanide solutions by pinning the loaded cyanide salt containing steel barrels and dissolving cyanide salts in pressurized chambers (reactor) in automatic mode.
  • Scrubber is industrial plant for cleaning exhaust air from hazardous impurities contained in the form of aerosols and gases. Contaminated inlet air is cleaned with scrubber using absorption liquids, e.g. water or special solutions.

We would like to thank all participants for visiting our exhibition booth! We look forward for a long-lasting and successful cooperation. In addition, we invite you to visit our company and learn more about full cycle of manufacturing equipment from design to production.
See you at the exhibitions in 2018!

ExpoCoating-2017 20.10.2017

Expocoating Moscow 2017
The 15th International exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for surface treatment and coatings application Expocoating Moscow 2017 will take place from 24th till 26th of October at CrocusExpo (Moscow).

Poliplast, as usual, will  take part in the exhibition, presenting our achievements in the field of galvanic equipment, features of our up-to-date equipment and our latest developments.

We invite everyone to visit our booth B205 (Hall 1, pavilion 1) and get acquainted with our company and learn more about how we design and manufacture galvanic equipment.

Representatives from Poliplast (Ltd), were invited in Gala dinner dedicated to the 50-th Anniversary of Progalvano (Milan)
On the 15-th of September Italian company Progalvano celebrate its 50-th Anniversary. During long lasting cooperation Progalvano recommended itself as proven and reliable partner. 50 years is significant date and perfect opportunity to celebrate achieved success, set up a new aims.
Representatives from Poliplast (Ltd), took part in Gala dinner dedicated to Anniversary, congratulated Italian colleagues and had several business meetings. We’d like to note a good organization of the event.
For Progalvano we wish further success and to achieving new aims!

Разработка программного комплекса визуализации гальванических линий 26.07.2017

Software complex visualization tasks electroplating development
to be

Участие ООО «Полипласт» в бизнес-миссии в Австрии, г. Вена. 25.07.2017

Poliplast (Ltd) took part in business-mission in Austria, Vienna.
From 3 till 4 of July 2017 Poliplast (Ltd) as part of delegation of Pskov region took part in business-mission in Austria, Vienna. During the mission Poliplast (Ltd) presented its production as one of leading Russian manufacturing company.<br>
The meeting took place in The Chamber of economy of Austria with vice-president Richard Schenz. According to him Austrian companies cooperate with Russian regions and both countries have strong economical relations.<br>
Poliplast (Ltd) had several business meeting and negotiations with Austrian companies about possibility of cooperation. Direction of further cooperation with Austrian companies was specified.<br>
  for information:
On the 4th of July series of business-missions of Russian regions was started in The Republic of Austria. Pskov region was the first to present its potential and projects for cooperation.<br>
The economical chamber of Austria is preparing the same mission to Altay Krai and Krasnoyarskiy Krai, Novosibirsk region in October. Russian-Austrian business council will be held in Kazan in November.

Выставка IV форума регионов России и Беларуси 19.07.2017

The 4-th exhibition forum of Russian and Belarussian regions
From 29 till 30 of June 2017 Poliplast (Ltd) took part in the 4-th exhibition forum of Russian and Belarussian regions in Moscow organized by Ministry of industry and trade of The Russian Federation and Belarussian Chamber of commerce and industry. Main topic of the forum was: “High technologies, innovations and information community”. Poliplast (Ltd) decently represented innovation production, up-to-date manufacturing and technical development work at the booth of Pskov region during the forum.<br>
For information:<br>
Totally 82 participants took part in Russian exposition including 77 companies and 5 regions of Russian Federation. 68 companies and organizations took part in Belarussian exposition.<br>
On the 29-th of June Chairman of the Federation Council, Valentina Matvienko and Chairman of the National Assembly of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovic took part in innaguration of the exhibition. The exhibition was visited by representatives of government and regional public authorites among them were minister of industry and trade of Russian Federation Denis Manturov, chairman of the State Duma of Russian Federation Alexei Shaposhnikov, other heads of ministries, agencies and region administrations of Russia and Belarus.<br>
On the 30th of June at forum’s plenary session president of Russia - Vladimir Putin and president of Belarus – Alexander Lukashenko made their speeches. Vladimir Putin noted that Russia was ready for very close contact with partners from Belarus for providing stable, long-term growth of economies of both countries.

Визит делегации Heavy Engineering Corporation, Индия 31.05.2017

Visiting of Heavy Engineering Corporation, India
On May, 31 our company held a return visit of the delegation of Heavy Engineering Corporation from India – participants of SPIEF 2017. During the visit the top-notch products were presented to our foreign guests, also possible directions and perspectives were discussed. Indian colleagues that visited our company highly appreciated the quality of represented equipment, high production standards of Poliplast (Ltd), noted our last developments.    
As we remember 2017 year is proclaimed in Russia as a year of Indian culture. This year India is a partner-country of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Cooperation between countries is rapidly growing.

Введен в эксплуатацию гальванический цех на предприятии ПАО «Сатурн», г. Омск. 19.05.2017

A new galvanizing workshop was launched at Saturn (PJSC), Omsk
On the 19th of May Poliplast (Ltd) launched a new galvanizing workshop with waste water treatment facilities at Saturn (PJSC), Omsk.
The workshop has 10 galvanizing lines: 3 lines are semiautomatic and 7 are manually operated, including cyanide dissolution unit.
Waste water treatment facilities guarantee proper cleaning and treatment of sewage water after galvanizing process.

Международная выставка высокотехнологичной продукции "International Engineering Sourcing Show" 2017, г. Ченнаи, Индия 22.03.2017

International exhibition of high tech products “International Engineering Sourcing Show” 2017, Chennai, India
From 16 to 18 of March in India (Chennai) representatives Poliplast Ltd. headed by general director Andrei Konstantinov took part in the largest international exhibition of high-tech products “International Engineering Sourcing Show” (IESS-2017) as a part of Russian delegation headed by the minister of industry and trade Denis V. Manturov. In 2017 Russian Federation received honorary status of partner country for the first time.
A great honor and responsibility is to represent our country at such kind of exhibition.  We introduced company’s achievements, new products and advance developments that had a great interest from the Indian partners. More than 400 people visited our booth.
Interest to our company was shown on different levels. Business meetings were arranged with main government officials and representatives of industrial companies.
Our company was awarded for the best pavilion and received  participant’s certificate.
We’d like to extend our appreciation for visiting or booth!
We hope to begin long lasting and productive cooperation with all our partners.

Введен в эксплуатацию лазерный комплекс AMADA ENSIS 3015IJ 10.01.2017

Laser system AMADA ENSIS 3015IJ (Japan) placed into service
Laser system AMADA ENSIS 3015IJ placed into service in our factory. It allows to improve the quality and reduce the costs of manufactured products.

Внедрение системы "1С:Предприятие 8. PDM Управление инженерными данными". 09.01.2017

Implementation of 1C: Enterprise 8. PDM engineering data management
The company in 2017 starts implementation of the system 1C: Enterprise 8. PDM engineering data management.
This system allows you to control the electronic structure of the product (GOST 2.053-2013), electronic documents (GOST 2.051-2013), file archive of design documentation, calculate labor and material standards, to operate electronic change notification, access rights to design and process information. Using complex "The system of Product Lifecycle management" with the system "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8" allows all departments to work in a single environment, with a single, always up to date database.

Введен в эксплуатацию гальванический цех на предприятии АО ГНПП «Регион», г.Москва. 22.12.2016

The electroplating shop was put into operation at the enterprise "Region" LLC, Moscow.
December 22, 2016 was put into operation electroplating shop in Region Ltd., Moscow.  The composition of the electroplating shop includes:
- Electroplating line with manual maintenance of aluminum processing;
- Multiprocessing manual service line;
- Electroplating line with manual maintenance of galvanizing and pickling of stainless steel;
- Line of manual maintenance of cadmium, chemical nickel plating, phosphating and chemical oxidation;
- Local treatment facilities.

Введена в эксплуатацию механизированная барабанно-подвесочная линия кадмирования на предприятии АО "Полет", г. Иваново 20.12.2016

Mechanized electroplating line for cadmium was put into operation, AO Polet, Ivanovo
Poliplast Ltd. completed the work on the manufacture and commissioning of a mechanized drum-suspension cadmium line.
The line is equipped with an exhaust ventilation system, which includes a modern plant for cleaning exhaust air from harmful impurities - a scrubber. Thanks to the "wet" method of processing the air flow, a high degree of purification is achieved - 99%. After the commissioning of the mechanized line from the administration of JSC "Polet" (Ivanovo) we received gratitude for the timely and high-quality manufacturing of equipment.

Международная выставка "ExpoCoating-2016", г. Москва 28.10.2016

International Exhibition ExpoCoating-2016 Moscow
From 25 to 27 October 2016 an international specialized exhibition of technologies, equipment and materials for surface treatment and coating "ExpoCoating-2016" took place in the IEC "Crocus Expo" (Moscow).<br>
Poliplast Ltd. took part in this exhibition once again.
During the exhibition, our staff introduced the guests and participants with the achievements of the company and the characteristics of the modern electroplating equipment, as well as the latest developments. Exhibit space of our company was visited by over 140 people.
Presented equipment samples showed opportunities of our company for the production of high quality products.
We thank all participants for visiting our exhibition site! We look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation. In addition, we invite you to visit our company to learn about the process of designing and manufacturing equipment.
See you at the exhibisions in 2017!

Завершена реконструкция гальванического цеха на предприятии «ВМЗ» - филиал ФГУП «ГКНПЦ им. М.В. Хруничева», г. Воронеж. 27.10.2016

The reconstruction of electroplating shop was finished in "VMZ", a branch of FSUE "GKNPTS im. M.V. Khrunichev, Voronezh
October 27, 2016 reconstruction of the electroplating shop at the enterprise "VMZ" - a branch of FSUE "GKNPTS im. M.V. Khrunichev, Voronezh was finished. The composition of the electroplating plant equipment includes:

- electroplating line with manual maintenance of manganese, cobalt, chemical nickel plating;

- electroplating line with manual maintenance of tin-lead coatings, tin bismuth;

- electroplating line with manual maintenance of silvering of corrosion-resistant steels, copper and its alloys, gold plating, palladium-nickel alloy coating;

- automatic electroplating line for nickel plating of parts made of stainless and carbon steels;

- automatic electroplating line for nickel plating of parts made of copper and copper alloys and removal of poor-quality coating;

- electroplating line with manual servicing of parts made of steel, copper and its alloys, aluminum;

- mechanized line for chemical treatment of aluminum cast billets and cleaning of charge materials by etching.

The system of registration and archiving of the main parameters of the technological process (current, voltage, temperature) is applied on the lines of manual service.

Проведено обучение сотрудников 20.09.2016

Staff training
In September 2016, the representative of the heating equipment manufacturer "Mazurczak GmbH" (Germany) held a two-day training on the territory of Poliplast Ltd. The name of the course was "Heating, cooling and control systems". More than 30 employees of Polyplast Ltd. took part in the training and got the relevant certificates.

Визит делегации Airtec MUEKU, проведение обучения 12.09.2016

Visit of the delegation from Airtec MUEKU (Germany), training
The management of Airtec GmbH (Germany) visited Poliplast Ltd. in September 2016. Airtec GmbH specializes in the manufacture of ventilation equipment, incl. air purification plants - scrubbers. During the two-day visit, issues of further cooperation were discussed, as well as training (theoretical and practical part) of the employees for the installation, operation and maintenance of air purification facilities - scrubbers.

Визит делегации от компании «Phox» (Италия) 11.07.2016

Visit of the delegation from the company "Phox" (Italy)
July 11-12, 2016 Poliplast was visited by the delegation of the company "Phox" (Italy), specializing in the manufacture of evaporators for the systems of electroplating sewage treatment. During the visit prospects for further cooperation were discussed.

Изготовлена и отгружена линия пассивации ручного обслуживания в адрес  АО "ЛМЗ им. К. Либкнехта", г. Санкт-Петербург 29.06.2016

Electroplating line with manual operation was manufactured and sent to the JSC "LMZ named after K. Liebknecht", St. Petersburg
June 29, 2016. Electroplating line of passivation with manual maintenance was manufactured and shipped to the address of LMZ JSC. K. Liebknecht, St. Petersburg. The equipment is intended for delivery to a foreign customer in India. Acceptance of the equipment was on the territory of Poliplast Ltd.

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