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Внедрение системы "1С:Предприятие 8. PDM Управление инженерными данными".


Implementation of 1C: Enterprise 8. PDM engineering data management

The company in 2017 starts implementation of the system 1C: Enterprise 8. PDM engineering data management. This system allows you to control the electronic structure of the product (GOST 2.053-2013), electronic documents (GOST 2.051-2013), file archive of design documentation, calculate labor and material standards, to operate electronic change notification, access rights to design and process information. Using complex "The system of Product Lifecycle management" with the system "1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management 8" allows all departments to work in a single environment, with a single, always up to date database.

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ООО "Полипласт"
180004, Псков, Октябрьский пр., 50
Тел: +7 (8112) 66-39-06;
+7 (8112) 29-20-50
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