Sewage treatment plants with large capacity


In recent years, a serious question about wastewater treatment for cottage villages, selected areas and even cities come up. Sewage treatment plant, built in the Soviet Union, no longer cope with the amount of waste and the quality of their treatment is not good. Poliplast Ltd. offers modern Russian technology UBAS MAXI, GRAND UBAS and the best European technology Fortex ASB-SBR (Czech Republic).

Equipment for biological purification of waste water UBAS MAXI is made for waste water treatment up to 400 m3. It's collected from the constituent modules, similar to Lego constructor. Each module is made of polypropylene. Installation Modules UBAS MAXI are delivered by trucks. Thanks to the modular system installation time reduces and quality of construction rises. For installations UBAS MAXI there is no need for capital structures - installation of station is right into the ground and fans set outside.
Thanks to sewage pumping stations with built AEROSKRIN system, program control units from such a famous

producers like SIEMENS, ATMEL, MERLIN GERIN, blowers of European firms as KOBICEK, BECKER. The most effective modern control algorithms based on ARS-systems implements into the stations. Draining of the effluent water is possible also to fishery reservoirs, so this type of plants is ideal for cleaning drains of coastal cottage settlements, yachting and diving centers and other coastal infrastructure.
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Stations of deep biological treatment of wastewater UBAS GRAND are made to 400 m3 of capacity. Designed for wastewater treatment of cottage settlements, outlying districts, townships and towns they organically fit into their modern architecture. They have a minimum of sanitary protection zones, maximum reliability and the quality of cleaning. Sewage treatment plants are in the polymer and concrete frame that allows to solve the problem of bio-corrosion and tightness at maximum strength. Above the UBAS GRAND it's possible to build administrative buildings or parking lots.


Wastewater treatment plants FORTEX AČB-SBR are biological treatment plant with interrupted activity, working on the principle of activating the system of successive phase reactor when a container is used as an aeration tank and at the same time for the deposition of suspended solids. They belong to the progressive technology of wastewater treatment and are intended for cleaning waste water from cottage villages, sanitary unit on plants, sanitary knots recreation areas, and other sources of pollution. Sewage treatment plants can be placed in the building or outside.

Draining of effluent is possible in fishery reservoirs, so this type of plants is ideal for cleaning drains of coastal cottage settlements, marinas and diving centers and other coastal infrastructure.

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