Purification of drinking water


It is believed that the water subjected to the municipal cleaning and meets the municipal requirements, safe and suitable for consumption. In fact, the scope of requirements not determined by biological needs, but technical and financial capabilities of water purification from a natural body of water. In addition, we must remember that every human body has its own individual characteristics, and maximum concentration, after which begins a negative reaction to a particular substance may vary considerably from person to person.

It was found that for people with asthmatic and allergic diseases, the presence of chlorine, even small concentrations impairs health. Furthermore, chlorine reacts with the organic compounds present in tap water, with formation of organochlorine compounds, such as chloroform.

Poliplast Ltd. offers one of the latest developments - set of individual situ cleaning AEROPLAST. AEROPLAST complex set directly on the well. A special feature of this technology is the absence of negative effects on the environment and preparation of water for use. We do not produce any reactant effects on water, all water purification mechanisms are widely used in nature. We only activate it for water from individual well, with a high content of iron and hydrogen sulfide.
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Water is pumped from the well to the treatment plant embedded in the borehole, the water is cleaned by aeration and magnetic activator. Impurities are oxidized to an insoluble precipitate which is filtered on a porous filter.



Then, one of the tanks becomes a water-dispensing tank. Water becomes soft using crystallization property, as a consequence of magnetic activation. Water from the second container, after oxygen saturation, is fed into the well via a magnetic actuator.



Water backflow passes through the well screen and is inside the water reservoir, providing oxidizing effect under the ground, outside the well screen. After a short time cycle is automatically repeated.


Over time, this process contributes to the purification of water under the ground near the well, where the development of the aerobic biomass is, water stops smelling of hydrogen sulfide. In addition, the well screen is constantly cleaned by backflow magnetically activated water. Plus the water, supplied to the user is magnetically activated, with a high content of dissolved oxygen, a kind of "magnetic oxygen cocktail." This limits the use of metal pipes for the construction of wells and distributing of water.
It's possible to use only plastic pipes. New technologies make it possible to do it from the wellhead to the wiring in homes. We should note the ability of the system to disinfect. Dissolved oxygen blocks the development of pathogenic bacteria. The cost of such a system does not exceed the cost of the filters on the ion-exchange resins, but the impact to the environment is only positive.

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