Sewage treatment facilities Eurobion


Eurobion is a modern low-waste technology of wastewater treatment, developed and implemented by the Russian engineer and inventor Yuri Bobylev O., and is the most optimal ratio "price/quality" in Russian market. Eurobion is perfectly suited for arrangement of sewage at the individual site or at the cottage.

The effectiveness of wastewater treatment plants is 98% and the using of modern polymeric materials in the manufacture of station body provides long-term (over 50 years) working in extremely corrosive environments.
An important advantage of setting Eurobion is its easy maintenance. Minimal use of power devices and the absence of complex electronic devices make installation of Eurobion truly unique in its class. All maintenance is to the remove the excess sludge every six months or less.

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It should be said some words about such a limiting factor in the ordering of sewage treatment plants like the smell. In contrast to septic tanks or cesspools, station Eurobion have a huge advantage - it is odorless. Other advantage is that you do not need to call for the sewage truck for rotting sediment removal (as in the case of the cesspool or septic tank). That means that you do not need to think of how to ensure access for feces disposal machine in the conditions of your landscape design.

  • The lack of odor
  • The most optimal ratio of "price/quality"
  • Minimum power and a complete lack of electronic devices
  • No need to call the car for feces disposal
  • The reliability with consistently high quality cleaning
  • An elementary maintenance (every six months or less)
  • No additional stabilizer compartment for activated sludge
  • The use of a unique membrane fine bubble aeration system "POLIATR"

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