Sewage pumping station


Complete sewage pumping station (CND) Fortex in the all-plastic housing made of polypropylene designed for pumping household, storm water, industrial wastewater at the impossibility of their admission to the gravity sewer.

Sewage pumping stations are designed depending on the performance, equipped with submersible pump units which are mounted on the flange knees with a quick connector devices. Work complete CND is automatic, with no permanent staff. Productivity of pumps is automated according to sewage levels in the tank of station.
The tank, partitions, the lid are made of polypropylene, which has anti-corrosion properties, and precludes ingress of sewage into the environment. All metal parts are subjected to anti-corrosion treatment, which provides reliable protection against corrosion. Poliplast Ltd. will produce a settlement, choose the most appropriate size and configuration, manufacture and produce the installation of a complete pumping station CND Fortex at the customer's request.
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Operation concept

Trash basket is designed for the collection of large waste, which, together with the waste water can get into the receptacle through the supply line and damage the submersible pumps. Waste water by the feed pipe flows into the lower receiving portion of station (receptacle), on the bottom of which pumps are installed. The pump units are mounted on metal pedestals with mounting unit with a tight seal for supplying pressurized sewage into the penstock, and guide tubes for lifting and lowering the pump units, if necessary, maintenance. With the inclusion of the pump waste water enters the network. A check valve, mounted on each of the pipeline pumps, does not allow water to fall back into the pipe of the pump unit when it is in standby.
At the top of the sewage pumping station is a removable insulated cover, which allows access into the station for service personnel, if necessary, remove the pump unit along the guide rails by means of chains or ropes. Also at the top of the station is a vent pipe for air exchange inside the station. On the side wall of the receiving tank float-type sensors are mounted, by means of which there is an automatic control of the operation of pumping units.

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