Separators for fats and oils


Separators for fats

Fat separator (UBAS) made of polypropylene panels and is a waterproof tank with partitions and cameras equipped with vapor-resistant cover. Inside the tank there are camera for the separation of the excess fat and fat accumulation chamber. With the accumulation fat is removed from the tank and disposed of.
At the inlet and outlet of the separator are sewer pipes to connect to the sewer pipe incision. Fat separator can be mounted in the floor recess indoors, or free-standing. Grease trap design allows you to install it outdoors on a concrete foundation with a heater, and sprinkled the ground without concrete around.
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Fat Separator is designed to capture and remove non-emulsified fats and oils from waste water of kitchens, restaurants, canteens, bakeries, meat processing and other enterprises before the release of wastewater in urban wastewater treatment plants or sewer system. The purity of the output corresponds to the required standards of discharge into the sewage system. Grease can be used as an independent, initial wastewater treatment unit for various sewer systems (local or general sewer network).

The necessity of application and principle of operation

The fat materials at lower water temperatures contribute to clogging contaminants in sewage communications, which leads them to an emergency condition. The presence of insoluble fats in wastewater reduces the effectiveness of cleaning processes in local sewage treatment plants, and is the cause of problems in the operation.

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Oils separator SOR II

Separators of oil products are intended for cleaning waste water, contaminated by petroleum products, density of 750 to 950 kg/m3 at a temperature above + 4C. Usually this is wastewater from car washes, as well as the rainwater from the gas station areas, parking lots or other contaminated oils surfaces. Separators of oil products suitable for the removal of oils and fats of vegetable or animal origin.

On the separator can not be fed fecal sewage. Coalescing separator type SOR II is a reservoir where container for collection of mineral oil, coalescing paste, semi-submersible partition, maintenance ground, overflow coalescing filter, sorption filter overflow sorption filter and sampling location are. Not all modifications of separators must necessarily contain all of these components.

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