Sewage treatment facilities for cottages UBAS


According to research of American scientists we'll run out of fresh drinking water in 50 years. This time is enough for us to enjoy the fresh water. But our descendants could be out of fresh water, if we do not think about it right now. Only by starting to clean our wastewater today, we can count on clean drinking water tomorrow. The proposed concept with cesspools or reservoirs kilometers of

sewage have shown an inability to fully clean the sewage. Poliplast Ltd. offers new technology to automate the cleaning of sewage "UBAS". The peculiarity of wastewater treatment technology "UBAS" is the complete rejection of the anaerobic processes that generate a bad smell, but biological oxidation, which allows to increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment, up to 98% and even higher.
The advantage of the biological sewage treatment plant "UBAS" is:
  • No unpleasant odor
  • No need to call the car for feces disposal
  • Elementary maintenance (once every six months or less)
Poliplast Ltd. will produce, install, make start-up works, and if necessary, provide maintenance and quality service of the entire range of "UBAS" stations.
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It is quite easy to install biological treatment facility "UBAS". It is designed for permanent residence users. It can also be used for sewage treatment of small cafes or restaurants. The degree of water purification reaches the level of 98% therefore draining of the purified water is possible to the storm drains, gullies or roadside ditches. There is also the possibility to install ultraviolet decontaminating agent.


The differenсe from UBAS CLASSIC is the presence of an additional dial-processor control, which allows you to control the aeration intensity depending on the number of users. It allows to respond flexibly to changes in the number of users with an unstable accommodation.
This station is suitable for wastewater treatment from roadside hotels and small hotels. Drainage of purified water as well as from UBAS CLASSIC possible to storm drains, gullies or roadside ditches.


It differs from UBAS AQUA by presence of an additional valve for cleaning of the secondary clarifier. This provides more quality denitrification. The degree of purification is superior to 98% and discharge of treated effluent can be carried out in the waters fishery. Ideal for cleaning of sewage water of cottages, various yacht clubs and sewage treatment other coastal infrastructure.

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