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    Automatic electroplating lines

    Equipment for an automation of the electroplating processes

    Mechanized electroplating lines

    Motion control of the components is provided by personnel

    Manually operated electroplating lines

    Designed for industrial sites, workshops and laboratories

    Plastic baths

    Electroplating baths made of plastic commonly used in electroplating processes

    Metal baths

    Used for details' coating in high temperature electroplating processes

    Portable barrel

    Designed for coating of small parts in bulk in laboratory and plant conditions

    Polypropylene barrel

    Can be a part of barrel holder and as a part of barrel bath

    Barrels bath

    Consists of a bath for electrolyte, the movable carriage and its drive, cover

    Bath carriage

    Consists of a frame on which are mounted the barrel's drive, the barrel itself and cathodes

    Bell bath

    Consists of a steel body, submergered perforated bell, lateral exhaust, discharge tray, polypropylene cover with trays

    Automatic manipulator

    Moves the rods with details on holders and/or in barrel carriers from one technology position to another

    Automatic control systems

    Designed to control the operation of any electroplating line, capable to control several treatments simultaneously

    Floors for plants

    Special floors for plants, industrial areas and laboratories made of acid-resistance tiles


    are industrial plants for cleaning exhaust air from hazardours impurities

    Cyanide dissolution plants

    are intended for the safe preparation of cyanide solutions