Automatic manipulator


Poliplast Ltd. designs and manufactures transportation equipment for moving the rods with the details on hangers and/or in barrel carriages from one position to another. Transportation equipment design is chosen according to the technological requirements of load capacity, dimensions and locations of electroplating line.

Poliplast Ltd. manufactures automatic manipulator, developed by its own engineering, since 2009. Automatic manipulator consists of a trolley, scissor mechanism for vertical movement and lift.
Automatic manipulator consists of trolley equipped with a lifting device. Trolley of belt automatic manipulator is equipped with driving wheels, used for horizontal movement by rails. The surface of driving wheels is covered with polyurethane. Driving wheels are connected with the output shaft of the motor by belt gear for horizontal movement. In the transverse direction trolley of the manipulator is held in the specific position by the guide rollers.
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Vertical movement of the elevator is provided by belts made of polyester. The payload capacity of the belts exceeds payload capacity of manipulator more than 4 times. Belt automatic manipulators are equipped with current leads to rotate the polypropylene barrel during its transportation to technological positions of plating line.

In addition manipulators can be equipped with wireless remote control. To ensure accurate positioning automatic manipulator is equipped with contact-free stop sensor.
According to customers requirements transporter can be equipped with the drip tray that allows to avoid solutions flowing to other baths. Also, it can be equipped with the air duct to have ability to connect to the local ventilation system. The construction of transportation equipment is selected according to technical requirements, payload capacity, dimension and location of the line.

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