Portable electroplating barrel BP-3


Equipments of Poliplast Ltd. for processing small parts can be used for many kinds of technological processes, such as zinc-coating, nickel-coating, cadmium-coating, tin-coating, cooper-coating, silver-coating and etc. The body frame consists of several perforated sections, held together by tie-laps. The end faces of barrels are two gear wheels, one of which is used as driven gear for rotation of the barrel.

If necessary, the wheels can be interchanged by rotating the barrel at 180 degrees. For loading and unloading details to/from the barrel one the wheels contains a removable lid.
Portable barrel is designed for electroplating coatings of small parts in bulk in laboratory and plant conditions. The barrel can be manufactured in a variety of designs and configurations for all kinds of solutions, if possible to exclude the prolonged exposure of substances that have a destructive effect on polypropylene.
Electroplating equipment catalogue (in Russian) 1,4 Mb, PDF

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Main technical characteristics of the portable barrel shown in the table below. For more information, please contact our managers.
Rate speed, r/min 6
Empty barrel's weight, kg no more than 8
Maximum barrel's loading, kg no more than 3
The bulk volume of the workpieces, % (by volume of the barrel) 25-35
Nominal rating power, watt 10
Electric motor's voltage, V 12
Dimensions of the working part of the barrel, mm Diameter: 160 Length: 330
The diameter of the perforation holes, mm from 1
Maximum temperature of the solutions in plating bath, C + 80
Maximum cathode current strenght, A 80
Minimum diameter of the workpiece, mm 1,2

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