Floors for electroplating workshops


  • The application of the bituminous primer "Bitumast"
  • The application of rubber-bitumen mastic "Bitumast" (waterproofing)
  • Facing of the floor by acid-resistant tiles with chemically resistant adhesives "Himfleks"
  • Seams' acidification by a solution of sulfuric acid
  • Filling joints by chemically resistant putty "Himfleks"
Chemically resistant floors made by Poliplast Ltd. meet the highest national and European standards of quality and technical standards.
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Before the floor covering work the customer should make a rough preparation of the existing floor. The sub-floor requirements are as follows:
  • Type of concrete as in the project, but not less than M 200.
  • Thickness of concrete at least 80 mm.
  • The mandatory polishing of the floor to open the pores of concrete for primer impregnating. Class of the roughness - 2.
  • On the concrete surface, prepared for application of anti-corrosion protection, should not be fittings, sinks, sagging, edges, oil stains, dirt and dust.

  • Humidity of the concrete surface to a depth of 10-20 mm - 4%.
  • Permissible variation of the floor surface from the plane when checking two-meter ruler - 4 mm.
  • Surface slopes - according to the project, including canal grades. Deviation from the slopes in some areas, on the floor one meter, should not exceed 2.5%. Deviation from the vertical position should not be more than 2 mm per 1 meter of height.

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