Carriage for electroplating lines with driver


Carriage with the barrel is designed for galvanic coatings of small parts disconnected with each other.

The carriage consists of a frame welded to two support bars, which is assembled with rotation driver and barrel. There are studs on the carriage for the DC cathodes, three studs to power the electric motor while the carriage is in the bath. Carriage frame made of stainless steel.
Studs of direct current (DC) are installed on the supporting frame base, that serve for setting the carriage to bath catchers. Studs for electric motor power are installed in the current collection, located at the end face of one of supporting frames. The carriage is equipped with polypropylene barrel produced by Poliplast. Rotation of the planetary drive is transmitted through the idler wheel.
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Main technical characteristics of the carriage shown in the table below. For more information, please contact our managers.
Overall dimensions *x392x*
The maximum temperature of the solution, C +80
Barrel’s speed, rev / min 10
Perforation of the barrel, mm 1.0x1.0 or 2.8x2.8
Maximum current at the cathode, A 300
Supply voltage, V 36, 3 ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption, W 180

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