Bell electroplating bath


Bell electroplating bath designed for plating of small parts in bulk. Bell bath consists of a steel body, submerged perforated bell with a rotary drive, side exhausts, tray for unloading, cover with the loading tray.

Bath body is made of steel, painted enamel EP-5287 M and lined inside with polypropylene sheet, produced by Roechling Engineering Plastics KG or Simona AG (Germany). It is possible to produce the non-standard baths.
Modification of bath with 2 bells is available. We can deliver the bell with a rotary drive separately. Bath is equipped with a drain pipe with a shut-off valve, the cooling coil and the anode rods with holders. On the bath body is mounted remote control of bell's rotation. The bell and its drive are mounted pivotally to the body of the bath by brackets. There is a cathode inside the bell which connected to a source of direct current.
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Main technical characteristics of the bell baths shown in the table below. For more information, please contact our managers.
Model of the bell bath Capacity of the bell, dm3 Maximum weight of loaded parts, kg
ВК-15 15 5
ВК-25 25 10
ВК-40 40 15
ВК-63 63 25

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