Electroplating metal baths


Poliplast Ltd. manufactures baths for all kinds of technological processes. We make everything for quality improvement and costs reducing. The dimensions and additional equipments can be arbitrary and can be determined with the customer. Baths' material is selected for the each specific process. In case of high temperatures of solutions we use metal for baths' manufacturing, in other cases we use plastic.
Baths can be equipped with zinc generator, solutions metering system, automatic water spray, solutions recovery system, cathode rods tilting mechanism, system for oil removing from the bath, system of water metering, water treatment system, pumps, chiller for solutions cooling, filtering systems and capacities.
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Metal materials

Baths made of titanium

are universal. Titanium has a high chemical resistance in many corrosive environments. High corrosion resistance and physical and mechanical properties of titanium allow to use titanium in any electrochemical processes.

Baths made of carbon steel

can be used in such processes, as treatments in oil, painting and others. Steel frame has generator of zinc. Body frame is painted by chemical-resistance enamel.

Baths made of stainless steel

without inner lining are also used for some processes, such as degreasing, hot and cold washes, etc. Also drying cameras are made of stainless steel.

Baths with inner lining

For inner lining we use fluorine plastic. Baths, lined with PTFE suitable for chromium plating processes, chromate passivation, electropolishing, chromium anodizing. PTFE stands in all corrosive environments and can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees.

Other electroplating equipment