Automatic control systems for electroplating lines


Automation optimizes plating lines’ efficiency and flexibility. The results are higher quality of the products and lower human resource costs. Quality remains consistent because every treatment follows the manufacturer’s formula.

The automation system organizes the product batches by optimizing the operation of the line and ensuring that the right treatment is given to each batch.
Our automation systems are capable of controlling several treatments simultaneously and therefore optimizing the process more efficient than conventional logic-based automation systems. As a result, different surface treatment processes can run flexibly in any order. This simplifies the process and increases the plant’s capacity.
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The system comes with a user-friendly control interface P-377 Color with touch pad. ACS provides the input of the process parameters with touch pad, saving these parameters to the memory disk. It can be saved up to 20 different production methods.

The software is available in a wide variety of different languages.
In addition, ACS allows:
  • manual operation,
  • display visual information about the condition of the whole line as well as its individual elements,
  • display time that load career spend in the bath with a solution,
  • block the erroneous actions of the operator.

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