Barrel electroplating bath


The barrel plating bath is used for plating small parts in a bulk in different solutions. Barrel plating bath consists of:

  • tank made of carbon steel and lined with polypropylene sheets produced by “Roechling Engineering Plastics KG” or “Simona AG” (Germany). The outside of the tank has chemically resistant painting
  • mobile carriage with barrel and rotary drive
  • polypropylene lid, which is used also as a tray for unloading items.
The bath is equipped with polypropylene on-board exhausts, coil of stainless steel, anode rod with holders, adjustable frames with isolators, emptying fitting with a shutoff valve control unit.
Carriage is raised and lowered by mechanism consisting of worm gear, pulley and rope.

The bath can be designed for a specific process. At your request, the bath can be lined with vinyl plastic. The coil can be made of titanium (e.g. nickel-plating process). On-board exhausts and lid can also be made of vinyl plastic. Dimensions of the bath and perforation of the barrel at the request of the customer.
Electroplating equipment catalogue (in Russian) 1,4 Mb, PDF

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Main technical characteristics of the barrel bath shown in the table below. For more information, please contact our managers.
Overall dimensions 1450x1390x1500
Maximum current at the cathode, A 300
Supply voltage, V 36, 3 ~ 50 Hz
Power consumption, W 360
The maximum temperature of the solution, C +80
Maximum weight of barrel loading, kg 30
Barrel’s speed, rev / min 10
Perforation of the barrel, mm 1.0x1.0 or 2.8x2.8

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