Manufacturing of electroplating and
ecological equipment

Designing, manufacturing, assembling, commissioning works
and maintenance of electroplating and ecological equipment

Electroplating equipment Ecological equipment


We are the team of professionals! The company Poliplast Ltd. employs about 200 skilled employees.
Our efforts are aimed at a common cause: to develop and produce innovative equipment, to respond flexibility of market and offer you only the best solutions! We offer the integrated approach to our customers.

Our customer gets not only sophisticated powerful equipments, but also maintenance and consulting in postwarranty period. Therefore we offer maintenance of our equipments to prevent future repairs.

We guarantee a high quality of our products. The main competitive advantage of our company is quality which high level is confirmed by patents, licenses, ISO 9001: 2011 certificate. We have highly skilled and mobile staff that is capable to solve the most difficult operational problems within a short time.

We take responsibility for the quality of our products and we enjoy it. We are proud of what we do.

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Basic, transportation, optional and accessorial electroplating equipment

Electroplating equipment
Ecological equipment

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The history of Poliplast Ltd. is already a part of modern Russian history in the branch of electroplating coatings technologies.

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